If you go over the history of the humanity, you’ll find absurd claims of people who allegedly knew everything about everything; I am not one of them. Rather, I read, wonder about, and come up with ideas. Some of my ideas might sound interesting and another might sound ridiculous. They might not even be original. There is no guarantee that any of these ideas have truth in them (no absolute truth) or whether they will be useful. It is your responsibility to use the ideas from this blog wisely; I am not responsible for anything good or bad happening to you as a result of the articles you see here. Also, I’m only human and I might change my mind later.

I’m writing this blog here to release my brain from the burden of holding ideas for long, and for anybody who likes to read and expand their imagination and/or knowledge. I hold the right to add, edit, modify or remove any or all parts of the contents of this blog, with or without notice.

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